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Welcome to the Halo franchise ARG community Wiki

(latest news listed at the bottom of this page)

Fan-made Halo ARGs and projects
MercurySS.net -- Bzzt

Halo 5 promotional/community goodies

Hunt the Truth: UNSC/ONI conspiracy radio drama

Hunt the Signal - community contest hidden within #HUNTtheTRUTH season 1

Halo 4 promotional/community goodies

Forward Unto Dawn: Live action miniseries

FUD Analysis - a deeper look at FUD content

Section 3 - Ongoing Halo community experience, AIs, puzzles, operative, and unlockables, and miscellaneous promotional material

Halo 4 Forerunner Sequences - Codes to be entered into HaloWaypoint.com's Classified terminal for additional content and in-game assets

Halo 4 SecOp Dialogue - Community interaction with various Section 3 and Seciton 0 operatives and AIs

Halo: Reach promotional events and story content

Halo Reach in-game mysteries and story content

Remember Reach campaign, and RememberReach.com

Laura Niven - Xbox Canada viral for pre-launch community events in Toronto and Vancouver

Halo 3: ODST story elements and ARGish components

This section is a work in progress. Feel free to edit and contribute information!

ODST - in-game mysteries and story content

Sadie's Story - the story within the game

We Are ODST - live actions shorts

Iris (Halo 3)

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Read the single page overview of Iris

From Beginning to End(?), a quick reading of the events that passed in the 2 month campaign

Read through the 'epilogue' in Halo 3

Find the 7 Terminals in Halo 3 to find out more about the Ark and the AI in Iris!

AKQA's Post-game overview of Iris

AKQA has developed a flash site for portfolio purposes providing a meta-overview of their Iris campaign production (Direct Link)

Outline: The story's timeline of events

It all began with AdjutantReflex, a form of A.I., posting cryptic messages in a forum...

Of Interest: The hive mind at work

What are people's interpretations of the discoveries and events taking place? Puzzles, research, reference...

Web Reference: Resources, Websites, Communities

Trying to separate the signal from the noise... where's the best place to get involved?

Characters: Who? What?

Get to know them... they'll become your life

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the most commonly asked questions, and get a foothold into what this is all about
Thanks to Silent_Shadow900 and FauxHammer for supplying the FAQ and initial summary

Under construction:

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Server 1
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Server 2
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Server 3
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Server 4
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Server 5
Believe Campaign (Halo 3)
Live action Shorts from Neil Blomkamp (Halo 3)
Misc Halo-related story arcs and events
The Smuggler -- The Superintendent
I Love Bees (Halo 2)

Main website: http://www.ilovebees.com

Dana's blog: http://ilovebees.blogspot.com

Reference sites

Cortana Letters (Halo)

Primary outline: http://marathon.bungie.org/story/cortana.html

Reference sites

Latest News

Updates shortly to ensure completed information on newer wiki pages (like Halsey's Journal and other Reach content)

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To Do

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