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Points of Interest


The community is currently analyzing numerous potential leads, demonstrating the voracity of the hive mind.

For additional theories and discussions, see Theories.

In Game?

Known trusted sources can be found on the Web References page.

"Avery Fane"

  • A blog post by Avery Fane on myspace which linked to SOTA has raised the question of whether he is in-game or not, because of numerous suspiciously coincidental references to similar things, such as 'Iris'. It further led to his website, showing he's an actor/model/singer. Hired talent? Temporarily recruited to post a blog entry?
  • Avery has shown up now on youtube and on Facebook - but the jury is still out on how much is legitimate and how much is fan-made hoax


  • A blog post by two222222 ( references SOTA as if he's a member, but with no information revealed not already known, it's widely considered to be a red herring; not official, just a fan-made attempt
    • Update: a followup blog entry seems to debunk it as a hoax posting


  • If you Google "B000RGSYWI" and click the first link, you are redirected to, which appears to be a site related to Iris. Also, it has the Latin phrase: DEUs ET NATUA NoN FACIUNt FRUSTa, which if you look at the s, o, t and a spells SOTA. The phrase translates to God and nature do not work together in vain. It's quickly understandable that this is user-generated and not officially in-game - it uses existing assets already discovered, and is a fairly poorly designed appearance.


  • Occam's Razor

On the Society of the Ancients "Evidence" page, in the second paragraph, there are two words in red text; lex parsimoniae. While the page goes on to give one definition of the phrase, the Latin definition is: "entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem", which translates into English as: "entities should not be multiplied beyond necessity." This is, perhaps, a small, insignificant piece of text, but perhaps it references the Flood. There is no other evidence to be found on that page to support this; however, it is interesting nonetheless.

  • Spelling mistakes

Scattered around on most of the pages of the site are various misspellings.

  • A full list of misspelled words and locations can be found in this unfiction thread, with more theoretical discussion here
  • Also, Quack (Paragraph one of the "Mission" page, possibly not a misspelling, although it is usually seen as: "crack pot".)

  • The Antikythere Mechanism

The SOTA "Evidence" page also makes reference to the Antikythere Mechanism, a 2,000 year old device thought to have been used as an astronomical computer. It may have been able to calculate when solar and lunar eclipses would occur. (External link: Science News). This is particularly intriguing, as there is evidence that the Glyph may be connected with the lunar cycle.

  • New MEmbership

The SOTA Membership application states that new memberships are considered around the time of the new lunar cycle.


After research on Wikipedia, the CDC was discovered as the Center for Disease Control, for you non-Americans and the NIOSH is the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, a division of the CDC.


Halo Activation Time

  • Urk, on the unfiction boards, figured the following out from the forum post by AdjutantReflex that read
    "871803909 ± 384 hours since event"

Here is how it breaks down:

  • Hours in a year, according to Google = 8,765.81277
  • Hours passed since activation as cited by AdjutantReflex = 871,803,909+-384
  • 871,803,909 / 8,765.81277 = 99454.999995396890047880865244627
  • Rounded, that's roughly 99455 years since activation.
  • 100,000 - 99455 = 545
  • We're in year 2007. The events in the Halo story arc take place in the year 2552.
  • 2552 - 2007 = 545
AR's time reference equates nearly exactly to 100,000 years before the year 2552
  • For clarification on how the number 100,000 came up, FauxHammer said
"Whatever happened 99,520 years ago, happened about 100,000 years ago if the local year is 2552. There are a few hints in the Halo 2 campaign that the last activation of the halo installations (the array perhaps?) was about 100,000 years ago." However, according to Wikipedia humans originated 200,000 years ago as of the present date. Thus, if the rings were activated according to the above information it would mean humans and the world would had to have gone through a massive extinction mid-way through human existance (any Ark theories notwithstanding).


  • In the third thread, AdjutantReflex typed "36 hours 50 minutes remaining". At that point, the time and date was 6/12/2007, 12:10 PM PDT (pointing to 6/14/07, 1:00 AM PDT).


  • The morning of 6/14/07, an E-mail was sent to a select group of people (how they were selected is to be determined), containing an image featuring the Glyph. Camperman determined that the setting of that picture is the Halo 2 map "Desolation" (screenshot), which is described as "Once a scientific outpost, this derelict Forerunner facility waits patiently to be reactivated."
  • The poem in the picture says for the "keepers of the flame" to "Look for the signs."
Image emailed to select recipients
Glyph found within the emailed image


  • On June 18th, Adjutant Reflex posted the following quote:

"He has had millennia for reflection, but what image does he see?" He has posted other allusions, to things like MacBeth ("By the pricking of my thumbs.") and Greek Myth (The Iris Poem, what this ARG is named.). In the story of Narcissus, he was punished by being forced to look at himself in the mirror-like pool of water for eternity. (Though, he did not realize it was a punishment.) The answer, then, would be "Himself."

  • 50401 at spotted a sign in the visor of Master Chief at This Glyph doesn't match up to any known Forerunner glyphs.

However, if the pattern contained in Server1's StarImage1.jpg and Server2's StarImage2.jpg continues through all five servers, it can be assumed that Server5's StarImage logo will contain an identical symbol to what is reflected. Oddly, that means the symbol on the wall will be backwards if the image in Master Chief's visor is a reflection. The symbol is also identical to the one found hilighted on the back of Server1's floating infocache.

Other Mysteries


X.XX.713> ghost.713/non-auth/activity ongoing

This line of text was hidden in a panoramic shot of a warthog that Bungie released. From there, troglodyte went to the Bible and found Genesis 7:13, which reads:

"On that very day Noah and his sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth,
together with his wife and the wives of his three sons, entered the ark."

Glyph Timeline

The orientation of the Glyphs as they've appeared sequentially indicate a countdown of sorts (eg, the string of glyphs on the backs of the server 1, 2, and 3 forerunner objects are lit respective to the server number). Their actual meaning is as yet unknown.

Bounce Control Path in Reverse

  • Since the opening of the first server a member on's forums played the Bounce Control Path backwards, and synched the resulting audio to the Server 01 video played in reverse as well. The results can be seen here.
  • NB: The transcript, or the meaning of this recording are not confirmed yet.

Ring Central

  • The FCC phone number (888-778-5672) is one of the many numbers appearing over an image of the Master Chief on the September issue of WIRED magazine. When dialed, the previous messages discovered as a conference call between FCC members have been replaced by a promo for the telecom company Ring Central. Some additional voices can be heard lightly in the background, but it is unclear at present what the content of the additional speaking is.
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