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Halo 3: ODST Live Action Short(s)


  • AKA "We are ODST" / "The Life"





Tentative Hungarian translation (extended version):

  • Trainer: "Left face!"
  • Trainer: "Present arms!"
  • Trainer: "FIRE!"
  • Trainer (when Tarkov's hair is shaved): "Attention!"
  • Trainer: "Tarkov! You call that attention?! Drop and give me 30! Now!"
  • Trainer (when yelling during obstacle course): "Do you want to die?! Do you?! Faster! Go go go!"

A Gaelic cover by Human of Light of Aidan - Lament, by Cafe Del Mar (listen to the original version here on youtube)

  • Rough translation:
    "And my army of brothers went over the hilltops, drenched in blood we may be.... but fighting is all left to me... together with my army of brothers... down we fall... darkness in all... through hell!"

Full Credits

Source: creativity-online.com

Agency: T.A.G., San Francisco
Executive Creative Director: Scott Duchon
Agency: T.A.G.
Client: Halo 3 ODST
Executive Creative Director: John Patroulis
Art Director: Aramis Israel
Copywriter: Rick Herrera
Agency Executive Producer: Hannah Murray
Agency Producer: Joyce Chen
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Rupert Sanders
Executive Producer: Eric Stern
Director of Photography: Greig Fraser
Editorial: Final Cut
Editor: Eric Zumbrunnen
Post Producer: Kelly Garcia
Executive Producer: Saima Awan
Visual Effects: Asylum
Visual Effects Supervisor: Rob Moggach
Executive Producer: Michael Pardee
Producer: Ryan Meredith
CG Supervisor: Jens Zalzala
Telecine: MPC
Colorist: Mark Gethin
Music: Human
Music Producer: Mike Jurasits
Sound Design: Brian Emrich
Mix: Loren Silber
Mix: Lime Studios
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