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  • On August 23, the site became active. Full length live action videos became available, along with profiles for five of the Noble Team spartans.
  • The robot arm began lighting points on a virtual 3D model of the Noble Team monument in a long exposure and live streamed video, allowing users to claim a point of light in the monument and share with Facebook.
Aug 25
Aug 26
Aug 29


Deliver Hope

Released August 26, 2010

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"Hybrid, long"
A compilation of the four stories below
  • July 23, 2552 / Visegrad, Planet Reach (man and pregnant wife)
  • July 23, 2552 / Quezon, Planet Reach (Sophie with red balloon)
  • July 23, 2552 / Manassas, Planet Reach (Gabe and father with wife leaving)
  • July 23, 2552 / Longhorn Valley, Planet Reach (Three Charlie team)


Remember when there was a tomorrow
Remember where it all began
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Title: "New Life"
Location: Visegrad, Planet Reach
Date: July 23, 2552 0832 hours
Wife: The timing is insane.
Man: Why? Half our friends have already gone. We can't live in this Kiva any more. Manassas is the only choice.
W: And leave my family? We've been here for three generations. You think I can just up and go.
M: Why not? There's nothing in Visegrad any more. It's dying. Right along with this farm.
W: I'm so sick of this argument. If we go, how are you going to support us?
M: I'll find a job. Alright? Two if I have to. Things will get better.
W: You don't know that.
M: Maybe not. But it's better than staying here and having no future at all.
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Title: "Space Port"
Location: Manassas, Planet Reach
Date: July 23, 2552 2057 hours
Gabe: I don't want you to go.
Mother: Oh Gabe, I have to.
G: Why?
M: Because the company needs me to. I'll tell you what, if you're a good boy, and you take care of daddy for me... I will bring you back a present ok? It's only 3 days, Gabe. I'll be back in no time. I'll talk to you every night before you go to bed, ok?
Comm: Attention! The following flights have been canceled...
  • HD14 / Ganymede / N05 / Cancelled
  • C26H / Ruthersburg / N23 / Cancelled
  • S238 / Circumstance / E55 / Cancelled
  • HD14 / Asphodel / N35 / Boarding
  • B438 / Juneou / W12 / Cancelled
  • A45H / Tantalus / S67 / On Time
  • GH81 / Luna / W45 / Cancelled
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Title: "Patrol"
Location: Longhorn Valley, Planet Reach
Date: July 23, 2552 2615 hours
Troop 1: Heard Noble team had an interesting morning.
3: Yeah, they surprised a couple of SEIs trying to hijack a supply transport. Innies never even saw them.
1: Insurgents versus Spartans? That's not even a fight.
3: Well, that's probably what they...
Comm: Three Charlie come in.
1: Three Charlie copy.
Comm: Prep your team for immediate mobilization to Visegrad. We've lost contact with the comm relay hub. Possible insurrectionist activity.
1: Roger. We're on our way. Three Charlie out.
2: It's not enough we fight the Covenant - we have to come back down here and get attacked by our own people as well.
1: That's the job. And you can bet there'll be more fires to put out tomorrow, so stay focused. Let's move.
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