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The Castaway Theory - page 7

The seventh page of The Castaway Theory's preview on is the first page of chapter 1


Never before has history given so much to science. I am not speaking of the technological advancements that have allowed us to go exponentially deeper into our respective fields but more, the ever-expanding base of information we have to pull from. The very work we have been cataloging for generations is now returning full circle to be tested once again.

If anything, science is the process of continued failure. The check mark after check mark that fill the "negative" columns of every test we run until we can truly say "Here, this is the answer, this is the solution and I know it because nothing is left."

But how often do we stick to that system? How often do we use our modern tools to retest age-old assumptions? Well... Quite often actually. Reevaluation is at the very heart of the scientific method. Each scientist is aware that personal and cultural beliefs can inadvertently influence interpretation of natural phenomena. Through the reevaluation of others' data, we are able to minimize those influences and more clearly form a complete understanding.

Take for example the convicted murderer, who after years of sitting in prison is able to prove his innocence with the help of DNA evidence originally found at the crime scene. The world is being filled with re-examined data causing us to take another look not only at the ever-changing environment around us, but also at the very building blocks of our uniquely formed being. And the more we find, the more we realize how off our previous results were.

Usually, these updated findings are marginal. Our awareness of them comes only from the updated technological tools we now use. More accurate and to a deeper degree, the precision of modern equipment makes the findings of 50 years ago look like rough estimates. But in a few special cases such as the study of human evolution, particularly DNA adaptation between species shift (primate-human), the preconceived notion of acceptable data divergence is falling farther and farther from explaining the differences between us and our distant cousins.

(from book preview)

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