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Halo 3 Terminal 5


Level: "The Covenant"
Each of the three shield generators holds a terminal. After dealing with the first generator and manning a hornet, fly into the 2nd generator (don't pass it, even though you're heading to the third) - the terminal is located near the entrance.

Log Text - Normal

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Considering the enemy compound intelligence’s raw [computing] power the Key-ships strategy will only remain viable for another [657,000 hours] and this current stalemate has the potential to last considerably longer than that.

With my understanding of the enemy’s [modus operandi], its logical boundaries, and [catalog of witness] I have devised what I believe is our most sound fall-back strategy.

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By [cutting fire breaks[?]] into the [core world’s volume] we would be able to frustrate the enemy’s advances for approximately [70,080 hours] and lure them into costly naval battles.

While its resources on the ground are effectively limitless, it has a finite number of vessels to spread from system to system. Fortunately the majority of them are unarmed and unarmored, private and commercial craft.

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If we start immediately – commence total biosphere elimination of life sustaining worlds (as indicated in the accompanying charts) and relocate evacuated populations to facilities such as those described in the [Onyx project] – all this could be achieved in [57,1590 (+ or – 2,1842) hours].


X.XX.713> Nya nya nya-nya nya!
X.X6> probe \loc\[ghost.713]69.93.ad.08.11.70b.5
X.X6> probe [000000]
X.XX.713> I’m a ghost!
X.X6> probe \loc\[ghost.713]69.33:ad.08.11.70b.5
X.X6> probe [000000]
X.XX.713> Zap!
X.XX.713> ghost.713/non-auth/activity ongoing

X^> probe \inc\[ghost.713]11.93.ae.08.69.70b.5
X.XX.713> and ¬¬¬¬¬_
X.X6> probe [000000]
X.X6> probe \loc\[gho
X.XX.713> \loc\evisceration [X.X6]
X.XX.713> …bang!
X.XX.713> \loc\evisceration success
X.XX.713> 2344m.j782/333.x.768232.88.lpl.1191.gad
X.XX.713> refl

The daemons are not taking a kind view of your presence here. They don’t want me speaking to you.

X.XX.713> POS/NAV<@><53445.20058.86474><….5..>

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I kill you all and I enjoy it. I destroy you in your indolent billions – in your gluttony, in your self-righteousness, in your arrogance. I pound your cities into dust; turn back the clock on your civilization’s progress. What has taken you millennia to achieve I erase in seconds.

Welcome back to the [Stone Age], vermin, welcome home.

[retf-2.4.z] Contender [AI] 05-032 confirmed rampant . . .
[35:52:75:23:64] _ xx01-83-244.53

Log Text - Legendary

Page 1/1

Your history is an appalling chronicle of overindulgence and self-appointed authority. You have spent millennia [navel-gazing] while the universe has continued to evolve. And now you claim the Mantle is justification for impending nature’s inevitable refinement?

You are deluded. But through death you will transcend ignorance.

[retf-2.4.z] Contender [AI] 05-032 confirmed rampant . . .
[35:52:75:23.64] _ xx01-83.244.53

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