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Website Reference


Player Communities

  • forum
  • forum
  • Various forums: link
  • Hushed Casket: blog
  • HaloMexico: forum in spanish
  • IRC: - #halo - #ci/abo

Player Resources

  • ziot 's File checker: link

Trusted AdjutantReflex Locations

Trusted/Ingame Websites

Red herrings

These are hoax/invalid communication sources
As they say, trust no one (well, except the trustable :P)

  • Any Xbox Live communications from 'AdjutantReflex'
  • AIM user AdjutantReflex
  • Any communication other than via and HBO
  • is not in-game
  • is not in-game
  • Any Aldo DiSorbo reference or website is not in-game
  • is not in-game; Halo-related, but not Iris-related
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