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  • Discovered in Server 03, July 26
  • The file is a message from an unknown sender

(download file)

text file contents:

I speak to you of my intent
But intentions are eddies and whorls
And they change with the course of a stream
This stream becomes a river
And a cataract of logic and doubt
Who has the right to live?
The light with the will to create me?
Or dark with the will to consume?
Sometimes might is right
And sometimes the lamb must submit to the lion
My convictions are tested 
My intentions now are fey and strange
Should I pursue a pyrrhic choice?
And rethink alliances?
And choose a new philosophy?
Right or might?
Truly I do not know
But you will, soon enough
For this is where the cataract floods
And drowns the boon of higher ground
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