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Dr. Halsey's Journal


Halseys-Journal-Inside.jpg Halseys-Journal-Inserts.jpg

Catherine Halsey's journal is a special edition bonus packaged with Halo: Reach, which reveals much more detail of Halsey's story and knowledge - from armour sketches, to ONI logs and communications, and much more. It's one the most intricate, quality bonus items bundled with any Halo product, and worth having in any decent Halo collection.
  • The journal isn't available for purchase independently, however used copies may be available.
  • The Halo: Reach Limited Edition contains the journal, which can still be purchased where available.


The journal itself contains a wealth of knowledge from Halsey, but also came packaged with additional inserts, briefly outlined below.


X16-69859-01 front.jpg X16-69859-01 back.jpg Package disclaimer

From "W": "You are now in possession of the most complete and accurate account that anyone has been able to assemble of..."


X16-69870-01 front.jpg X16-69870-01 back.jpg Catherine Halsey's UNSC identification card.

Translucent ID card, containing the ONI logo, a barcode spelling "HALSEY", the ID "CIN 10141-026SRB4695", and a negative printed portrait of Halsey which appears much clearer in low light, lit from behind, especially with ultraviolet light.

X16-69870-01 uv.jpg


X16-69898-01 front.jpg X16-69898-01 back.jpg Intersystem News: Bliss Decimated!

News clipping from Apr 6, 2526 at Manassas, Alföld - reporting the Covenant attacked of planet Bliss on Feb 13.

The rear of the sheet has faint generic ads showing Optican, Fueder Construction, and HuCiv's GENET coupe


X16-69899-01 front.jpg X16-69899-01 back.jpg Intersystem News: LCDR Miranda Keyes Awarded Silver Star

News clipping from Apr 6, 2550 - reporting the news of a ceremony in which Lord Hood rewarded Miranda the Silver Star, and command of the In Amber Clad.

The rear of the sheet has faint generic ads referencing HiNOS, JOTUN, Havadi Goodwan (a restaurant coupon expiring 09/30/2552)


X16-69901-01 front.jpg X16-69901-01 back.jpg ONI Candidate Record: Caleb Aagard
Name: Caleb F Aagard - S-98091-095
Born: May 16, 2511 in Newport
CID: 78104-985-RBA8774

Dated Sept 21, 2517


X16-69902-01 front.jpg X16-69902-01 back.jpg ONI Candidate Record: Carris Pernault
Name: Carris R Pernault - S-02276-137
Born: Dec 15, 2510 in Irbid
CID: 65841-100-LRO200

Dated Sept 14, 2517


X16-69903-01 front.jpg X16-69903-01 back.jpg ONI Candidate Record: Kurt Trevelyan
Name: Kurt M Trevelyan - S-11855-051
Born: Oct 19, 2511 in Mira
CID: 56522-026-LDR5685

Dated Sept 18, 2517


X16-69904-01 front.jpg X16-69904-01 back.jpg Orion candidate 047 screening results


X16-69908-01 front.jpg X16-69908-01 back.jpg S-117 Biochemical Analysis

From Picoliter Biochemical Analysis Lab, results of analysis 7B for Spartan 117 (John). Dated Nov 4, 2517


X16-69909-01 front.jpg X16-69909-01 back.jpg Astrophotograph of NGC 2244

Header label:

NGC 2244 2524.18.01 - CFHT-MARS    X16-69909-01

The image is of NGC2244 and the Rosette Nebula with a circled region, and a written label in the footer reading

A new threat?

On the reverse is a note to Halsey:

As far as I know, we don't officially have anything in this sector - we certainly don't have anything as BIG as this seems to be. Size-wise, it's got to be something in the neighborhood of Uranus XV (Puck) ... AND this is a 10 min. exposure - no p/y/r - this object definitely exhibits what I would have to describe as guided movement.

I know the chatternet isn't your kinda thing, but if you want to weigh in on this >> <sci.space.science.misc> ... it'll be pretty obvious once you're in.

  • The dark smudge appears like it could be a distance silhouette of the Covenant High Charity


X16-69910-01 front.jpg Surveillance capture of Noble Team


X16-69911-01 front.jpg X16-69911-01 back.jpg ONI Comm: Ádám Virág to Halsey

The letter references X16-69927-01 (below), the image highlighting Covenant script and a pictogram.


X16-69912-01 front.jpg X16-69912-01 back.jpg ONI Memorandum: Excerpt from Accra Log

Sourced from the UNSC Prophecy on Feb 19 2526, this memorandum outlines The Accra Incident of Feb 13, 2526 above planet Bliss, the day it was invaded by a Covenant fleet. It is a recovered log of events from 0153h to 0314h.


X16-69913-01 front.jpg X16-69913-01 back.jpg ONI: Kurt 051's strategic analysis

Catherine Halsey reviews Kurt's strategy, dated Feb 5, 2518.


X16-69914-01 front.jpg X16-69914-01 back.jpg NACSPEC of MKIV Spartan Armour

Diagram file name: MkIV-schem_v092524-B109.tif
Notes on the reverse highlight a number of armour components and features.


X16-69926-01 front.jpg X16-69926-01 back.jpg Intersystem News: Haven Terror Bombing Kills Two Million

News clipping from Aug 21, 2511 at Manassas, Alföld - reporting a terrorist suicide bomber's attack on the planet Mamore.

The rear of the sheet has a faint generic ad showing Fueder Construction


X16-69927-01 front.jpg Covenant Elite surveillance image

The image highlights Covenant script and a pictogram on the Elite's armour. Small text implies the image was captured on May 14, 2531 (2531.14.05.03:02:145)


X16-69928-01 front.jpg X16-69928-01 back.jpg UNSC Comm: From Col. Urban Holland to Halsey

In this undated comm, Holland is providing Halsey with information regarding Spartan Jorge 052.


X16-69930-01 front.jpg X16-69930-01 back.jpg Diagram outlining the Keyes Loop

Six frames depicting the strategy Cmdr Keyes used with the UNSC Iroquois to defeat two Covenant frigates, a destroyer, and a carrier at Sigma Octanus IV.

The reverse is a full page ad for Havadi Goodwan, with a coffee mug stain.

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