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Section 3

Section 3 is an ongoing Halo community game, of sorts, taking place in community forums, chat, and at times within the game itself. Primarily, it involves a number of AIs and operatives working to locate Forerunner sequences which unlock additional Halo lore and game assets. Some operatives are also enemy agents infiltrating the communications, working against community and Section 3.

Following is a collection of tidbits found or discovered related to Halo 4 fiction, through bulletins, videos, promotional material, etc.

  • Priority Transmissions: "Eleventh Hour" (pre-release hidden material)
  • Forerunner Symbols - hidden symbols spelling a sequence of characters with dot headers, used for unlockable content and in-game assets
  • SecOp Dialogue - interactions with Section 3 operatives and AIs via the HaloWaypoint forum and community IRC chat. (lengthy, and ongoing)

Promotional content:

  • #EVILAWAKENS - a promotional campaign partnering with community websites, in which videos were released containing the inverted Didact glyph and a number at the end, resulting in a place, date and time for a London, UK launch event: at the Tower Bridge (event photos)
    • Completed sequence: 05 11 20 12 / 51° 30' 20" N, 0° 4' 31" W / (time)

Priority Transmissions

Four of five communications were discovered scattered within Waypoint bulletins leading up to the release of Halo 4, codenamed Eleventh Hour. These are communications between "Codename Surgeon" and "Codename Coalmine", outlining the state of the Covenant war.

  1. October 10 Bulletin
  2. October 17 Bulletin
  3. October 25 Bulletin
  4. November 2 Bulletin

Forerunner Symbols

Halo4-FRSymbols 5pc.jpg

Based on the Forerunner character set used on "Classified" code entry page, characters have been discovered embedded in various media releases, as well as in-game content.

  • Sequences are identified by a set of dots and spaces in each piece header. Entering these codes unlocks various Halo universe intel, extra content, and downloadable assets such as avatar awards.
  • Full analysis and sequence archives here: Halo 4 Forerunner Sequences
  • Forum/IRC dialogues of various Section 3 ops and AIs archived here: Halo 4 SecOp Dialogue


EvilAwakens anim.gif

A series of community-released videos are released containing the Didact symbol in natural environments, followed by a number at the very end.

Glacier: 05 Butterfly: 11 Hoover Dam: 20 Chase: 12
Building: 51° 30' 20" N Stonehenge: 0° 4' 31" W Big Ben: 20:00 Location: Tower Bridge (London, UK)

  • In completion, this reveals an event taking place on Nov 5, 2012 at the Tower Bridge, London. [1]


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