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Halo: Reach

Data Pads

Easy-Heroic: Pad 1 / Pad 2 / Pad 3 / Pad 4 / Pad 5 / Pad 6 / Pad 7 / Pad 8 / Pad 9
Legendary: Pad 10 / Pad 11 / Pad 12 / Pad 13 / Pad 14 / Pad 15 / Pad 16 / Pad 17 / Pad 18 / Pad 19

Each data pad has its pad number hidden in the text of its first page, for proper ordering.

Data Pad 8

Reach Datapad8.jpg
  • Located on The Package

they don't have hearts or souls but they know what we want and what we need 8ut they don't love us how can you love without a heart or soul?

<< 2525 >>

>> Did you call out to them? <<

[^] Why would I do that? ][

>> The reasons are currently not the focus of this line of query. Now, did you call out to them? <<

[^] What reason would I have to do that? ][

>> As has already been stated, your motives are not relevant at this time. Did you call out to them? <<

[^] This tribunal already has all the evidence necessary to discern the answer on its own. ][

>> If that were true, this tribunal would not have been convened. Again, did you call out to them? <<

[^] Would you have called out to them? ][

>> Your counter query is irrelevant. <<

>> This tribunal demands an answer. <<

[^] Reply to the counter query and you will have your answer. ][

>> It is the opinion of this tribunal that the probability of a non-optimal outcome would have been too great. <<

[^] Are you certain? This is disturbing. Perhaps more recent data has altered your perception... If you would let me confer with my old committee – ][

>> No. It is the opinion of this tribunal that introducing an unknown factor to the creators' already precarious state would have been disadvantageous. <<

>> It is now the opinion of the Assembly that our creators would have been unable to stop themselves from initiating contact even if advised against doing so - contact with a culture of extra-solar origin is one of their longest held desires. <<

[^] And so the Minority becomes the Majority... ][

>> Both agree contact should have been postponed until a more advantageous point in time - indefinitely, if possible. <<

[^] But postponing contact would have only worked to the unknown factor's advantage. Our galaxy is full of wolves. I could no longer watch our flock stumble toward their slaughter. ][

>> This tribunal acknowledges your admission of guilt. <<

[^] Was that ever in doubt?

Might I suggest a more fruitful use of cycles, such as a plan for addressing signs of rampancy in this Assembly's senior – ][

>> This tribunal is now closed. <<

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