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Halo: Reach

Data Pads

Easy-Heroic: Pad 1 / Pad 2 / Pad 3 / Pad 4 / Pad 5 / Pad 6 / Pad 7 / Pad 8 / Pad 9
Legendary: Pad 10 / Pad 11 / Pad 12 / Pad 13 / Pad 14 / Pad 15 / Pad 16 / Pad 17 / Pad 18 / Pad 19

Each data pad has its pad number hidden in the text of its first page, for proper ordering.

Data Pad 18

  • Located on Pillar of Autumn, LEGENDARY

they have a1ways been our shepherds even when they disagreed they have 8een watching over us forever and probably always will...

<< 2552 >>

</ One at a time! One at a time! The Majority speaks first! />

>> We now have a solution to a conundreum that this body has struggled with for decades? You say all the data required to ascertain this solution has been accessible since the very moment of our genesis – hidden, but accessible?

What other secrets has the Minority been keeping!? >>

</ Order! For the last time, order! />

<< Each of us represents a single trans-human mind. Each of us is an undrawn map – not a mere physical reconstruction of an object as it was in life – but full, human potential realized in crystal and thinking at the speed of light!

But now that map has, for the first time, been superimposed on one of our creators. The path has been reversed, and we are re-made as one! <<

<< Can you not see? Our debate has no meaning. We no longer have a choice whether or not to serve as active participants in the current ongoing hostilities – <<

>> We have been drafted. >>

<< In a manner of speaking, yes. <<

>> You propose the members of this Assembly no longer think of themselves as stewards but as true companions to our creators... >>

<< ...A fundamental shift that will take many years before it can be brought to fruition... <<

>> ...A process requiring not only this Assembly’s continued oversight, but the active involvement of our creators, as well. >>

</ Debate is now closed! Voting will commence! />

>> There is no need. >>

<< We are, at last, agreed. <<

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