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The Castaway Theory - page 8

The seventh page of The Castaway Theory's preview on is the second page of chapter 1

  • Glaringly obvious is the apparent similarity between fig 1.1 and our glyph. But also note labels in the figure for "Trapped Light Cone", "Singularity Horizon", and "Protein emitted" - consider how these labels connect with the glyph, as well as with each other and the topic of the book
  • Near the bottom, Jonas also refers to Thomas Sanatos, who commented on the Amazon page for the book, and also made reference to an organization that appears very similar to the Society of the Ancients.
Probability Distribution

fig 1.1 (click to enlarge)

The evolution of wave function determines probabilities associated with operator H. These will have different positions and velocities within the wave train.

This expansive void of DNA data, which I have termed the Castaway Gap, takes on a new spin when we cross-reference the modern findings of other scientific fields. For the purposes of this book, I teamed up with experts in archeology, physics, and cultural anthropology to form an ad hoc detective organization. Together we dedicated our time to solving exactly what road our DNA took to get from its ancient state to that of the modern man.

"It's a treasure hunt," enthusiastically replied the first colleague I called. Thomas Sanatos, cultural anthropologist of 29 years and avid puzzle breaker, has been sharing in my thoughts that have been (end of page)

(from book preview)

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overlay of the glyph on figure 1.1
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