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-- supplied thanks to FauxHammer --

Q: What is "Iris"?

A: Iris was the answer to the first puzzle Adjutant Reflex asked players on Bungie.net. It is the name that is commonly being used to refer to the Halo 3 viral marketing campaign.

Q. What is Adjutant Reflex?

A. AdjutantReflex (AR) is an entity that has been posting cryptic messages on the bungie.net forums since monday, June 11th. As of the afternoon of June 18th, AdjutantReflex was terminated and replaced by a new and somewhat mysterious entity who has yet to identify himself.

Q: What happened to the countdown page?

A: The countdown started behaving irregularly and eventually stopped at When treated as GPS coordinates, these numbers point to Mount Elgon, which is caldera in Africa. On June 20th, the counter changed again, and after 100 people entered a "key", Server #1 on Halo3.com unlocked. This "server" can be accessed at

Q. I saw someone named Adjutant Reflex on _____ website, and he sounds just like the one from bungie.net. Is this real?

A. No. Probably not. Now that AdjutantReflex is "terminated", you should view anyone claiming to be him with extreme skepticism. The XBOX LIVE Adjutant Reflex is a confirmed hoax, as is the one on Digg.

Q: Which web sites are ingame and which ones aren't?
Q: Someone told me 27.com (or) halo3.com/comic (or) (or) (or) societyoftheancients.com is in-game.

A: The list of known websites - official and not - is on the Web Reference page.

Q: What is SOTA?

A: SOTA is an abbreviation for Society of the Ancients. This is an ingame web site about an organization built around the idea that human history was shaped by an extraterrestrial influence. Their site is http://societyoftheancients.com/. On June 15 ant 16, they held in-character "rallies" in public places in several major cities across the US and western Europe.

Q: The mail links on the SOTA website are broken.

A: Yes, they haven't worked since the site was first discovered. Many players think that they will eventually fix this. There is an email in a hidden PDF file discovered in the source, DoYouGrok@societyoftheancients.com, but it email currently does not work. Several other email addresses have been tried and so far, all of them return only mail delivery errors.

Q. What *is* ingame?

A. Anything you see in yellow text on the bungie.net forums is real. (a summary can be found here, or mirrorred on the main page) The AdjutantReflex username on the halo.bungie.org forums is real as well, although it is now inactive. Please don't post in that thread. Also, the email many players received is real. The image from the email can be found here.

Q. Is this ILoveBees 2?

A. Perhaps. It is (at least) a viral campaign related to halo 3. This much we know. Beyond that, we do not know if it will be anything like ILB. It would be wise not to have expectations. Even if it is an ARG in the traditional sense, it is unlikely it would follow the same format as ILB.

Q. Is 42 Entertainment behind this?

A. Nope. They have confirmed that this is not their ARG.

Q. I think I've figured something new out! Where can I go to share my information?

A. Several places. args.bungie.org is a forum hosted by HBO for discussion about this. ARG fans and ILB players may find themselves more at home on the unfiction boards or in the unfiction halo IRC channel (#halo on irc.chat-solutions.org). There is also a group on bungie.net which is somewhat less chaotic than the raw unfiltered halo 3 board.

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