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SOTA Rallies



The Society of the Ancients have been running rallies around the globe drawing attention to their website and handing out flyers (shown to the right).
A popular theory is that SOTA will run demonstrations in 13 cities around the world.

New York City, Times Square (June 15)
Reported by MTV Games who documented the event in an official blog entry
London, UK (June 15)
Report in a flickr account for user 'keeper_of_flame', containing 3 photos
Vancouver (June 16)
Reported via a video posted on youtube by 'Averyfane'
Chicago (June 16)
Reported on the forums.
San Francisco (June 16th)
Reported on the forums.
SOTA can clearly be seen in the background.
Not confirmed

False Claims

So far one poster has been shown, which has been proven as fake because:
1) It has a slightly wrong logo.
2) It has not been seen by anyone else.

Interestingly, Metadata (shown if you click on the image) states it was created on the 13th, the day before the community knew about the SOTA incident. An interesting twist.

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