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Quick Summary

In an attempt to shorten the Outline page to a readable summary, here is what's happened so far. (I've attempted to leave out theory as much as possible, but if it does have some theory, it'll be italicized)

  • -updated 6/19, 5:47pm EDT

Part 1:

Basically there's the entity named Adjutant Reflex that showed up on the bungie.net forums posting some odd comments. Popular belief is that this is an AI (or possibly a network of machines / monitors) that's resident in the Forerunner Ark (a little backstory) in eastern Africa. By the sounds of Adjutant Reflex (AR)'s posts, its system is under attack by something, but we don't yet know what. An email was also sent out to numerous people, which includes a strange glyph drawn on the background wall image. That glyph has shown up in an image on halo3.com as well. Soon after, AR also updated its avatar in the bungie.net forums to that glyph.

Part 2:

In a number of cities around the world (5 reported so far) - NYC, San Francisco, London, Vancouver, Chicago, and Boston - a group of people calling themselves the Society of the Ancients have been holding small rallies, and handing out flyers, trying to raise awareness for their website. The group catalogues a number of ancient discoveries, but the latest being the appearance of the symbol, the very glyph found in the email. The latest update to their website includes a link to... are you ready? A website with a countdown (link)!! It's in base 7, and it ends at midnight Thursday morning.

Part 3:

A new Halo 3 comic print ad was found in a Circuit City flyer, and in a Best Buy ad, directing people to halo3.com/comic. But there's also a trick... read the comic, but on the last page, play around with some of the frames... you'll find the 4 numbers of the IP address ( website) which is also linked from the Society of the Ancients website.

Part 4:

Adjutant Reflex updated the world on its status through the bungie.net forums, as it attempted to retain integrity against its attacker. As the onslaught continued, the timer on the transmissiong log began speeding up. Eventually AdjutantReflex succumbed to the attacker. The site reflected this defeat with the timer halting in its tracks as it said "System failure. Root cause unknown. Rebooting." But, before AR was 'sterilyzed', it told us that it would "seek one of [us] out and leave [its] legacy in a small space". This 'legacy' has ye to be found.

So what do we know now? (this has some theory in it)

AR was likely a monitor or network of monitors in the Forerunner's Ark artifact, and was in a struggle against something attempting to intrude into its system, based on its forum comments and the text that's been changing on - which now it would seem that it has been successfully hacked and 'deleted'. The site included a countdown that supposedly ended Wednesday at midnight (that is, 12am, wed-thu), but has now stopped. This new entity is now in control.

What's going to happen next? Who knows... What is this entity that removed AdjutantReflex? Who knows...


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