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Halo 3: ODST extended experience


Bungie and MS have been created an extensive background and campaign centered around the ODSTs (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper). We may be finding that the comics (Helljumper), the commercials (We Are ODST), and the homepage (xbox.com/halo) will tie together stories surrounding troops of the 105th Division - the Helljumpers.

Not only that, but Halo 3: ODST will also contain an entire sub-story called Sadie's Story, created by an independent company spawned from 42 Entertainment (creators of I Love Bees, for Halo 2) called Fourth Wall Studios (fourthwallstudios.com)

Below is a brief status rundown of marketing/ARGish events leading up to (and perhaps beyond) the release of Halo 3: ODST.


  • Sept 4, 2009, the ODST live action short We Are ODST (1:32 in length) is released to the public by IGN, where we learn of a number of marines, including:
  • Sept 7, 2009, Spike TV airs the extended version of We Are ODST (2:34 in length), paired with the revelation of the updated Halo homepage (xbox.com/halo) containing a deeper look at three ODST troops, and some hidden content.

ONI Candidate Assessment Program v5.02A

  • Live source: http://cdn.haloodst.xbox.com/odst
  • Gunnery Sgt. Edward Buck assesses three officers (who appear in the Helljumper comic miniseries), chosen based on classified parameters:
  • Many faces appear in the cycling of profiles when the CAP chooses the above individuals. See this mosaic of all unique individuals (meta!)
  • The codes to unlock the site are as follows:
    • 12-485-TA (Dutch)
      Reveals the video in the locked file of Dutch's assessment.
      Located in the We Are ODST short.
    • 15-926-PI (Mickey)
      Reveals the video in the locked file of Romeo's assessment.
      Located on Buck's console in Dutch's assessment.
    • 47-074-SN (Mickey)
      Reveals the video in the locked file of Mickey's assessment.
      Located on Buck's console in Romeo's assessment.
      • This video discusses the use of explosives on archaeological dig sites... this would indicate that ONI may have found the presence of the long-range gateway linking Earth to The Ark or its connecting facilities underground; prior to the Covenant's arrival in orbit, or whilst Prophet Regret sent troops down to New Mombasa.
    • 06-078-TI (Romeo)
      Located on Buck's console in Mickey's assessment.
      Unlocks wallpaper-packs from the We Are ODST Short.

Known Service numbers

In-game Mysteries

(not including COMM data for Sadie's Story)

  • Scattered are New Mombasa are variations on a binary matrix "J" sign. I've spotted three variants so far, and have been unable to decode them.



It's not 6-dot braille (at least not plainly), and 8-Dot braille doesn't provide any clear matches either.

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