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Welcome to the Iris (Halo 3 ARG) Wiki

(latest news listed at the bottom of this page)


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Read the single page overview of Iris

From Beginning to End(?), a quick reading of the events that passed in the 2 month campaign

Read through the 'epilogue' in Halo 3

Find the 7 Terminals in Halo 3 to find out more about the Ark and the AI in Iris!

AKQA's Post-game overview of Iris

AKQA has developed a flash site for portfolio purposes providing a meta-overview of their Iris campaign production (Direct Link)
Other Recent Campaigns

Outline: The story's timeline of events

It all began with AdjutantReflex, a form of A.I., posting cryptic messages in a forum...

Of Interest: The hive mind at work

What are people's interpretations of the discoveries and events taking place? Puzzles, research, reference...

Web Reference: Resources, Websites, Communities

Trying to separate the signal from the noise... where's the best place to get involved?

Characters: Who? What?

Get to know them... they'll become your life

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the most commonly asked questions, and get a foothold into what this is all about
Thanks to Silent_Shadow900 and FauxHammer for supplying the FAQ and initial summary

Under construction:

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Server 1
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Server 2
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Server 3
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Server 4
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Server 5
Misc Halo-related arcs
MercurySS.net -- The Smuggler -- The Superintendent

Latest Iris News

(below is a quick recent summary - detail can be found at Outline)

(Jan 14, 2008)

AKQA's Post-game overview of Iris was found via an employee's site - a flash site for portfolio purposes providing a meta-overview of their entire Iris campaign production (direct link)

(Dec 29)

"Thomas Sanatos" posted at a final message at C.I. thanking the community for their involvement with Iris.

Good morning everyone.

We just wanted to take a second at the end of the year to thank all of you for playing with us this past year. We are AKQA, the agency who worked with Bungie to create the IRIS ARG Characters and the Halo 3 BELIEVE experience.

Our goal through all of this has been to expand the Halo world, making it possible for fans to keep playing even when they are not sitting with a controller in their hand. And thanks to gamers like you, both of this year's efforts turned out to be a huge success. In fact, you may have been too good at participating: there were moments back in IRIS where you were solving episodes just as fast as we were creating new ones. Your speculations were so solid in fact, that we included some of your ideas in the next steps of the campaign as well as in the back-story of the Believe characters.

We hope it was as much fun for you to participate as it was for us to create.

Also - the Halo 3 Believe site is currently up for the Flash Website of the year. If you have a moment, please link over there and click VOTE for Halo 3:Believe.

The more people who hear about it, the more people we can get involved in Halo 3.

Thanks for all the excitement, we will see you in multiplayer,
(Nov 1)

Some people are reporting packages showing up, believed to be from Server 03, although the recipients and package contents seem to vary, as some people reportedly not having participated in Server 03, 04, or 05 are getting packages.

(Aug 23)

An official article was discovered by writer87 posted to on halo.msn.com, confirming the completion (effectively) of Iris mid-August. Suffice to say:

"The viral campaign concluded in mid-August but the plot thread will extend into Halo 3."

(-- Read more in the outline --)

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