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===== 2D Crate barcode =====
===== 2D Crate barcode =====
* On a closeup of the roundish tanks is a barcode with numbers barely visible.
* On a closeup of the roundish tanks is a barcode with numbers barely visible.

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Halo: Reach extended experience and game mysteries

Data Pads

When viewing a data pad, you'll hear what sounds like reversed audio playing the background. After reversal, the audio reveals a number of phrases being spoken by an entity. The phrases heard are played randomly.

Transcriptions, in a sensible order:

welcome child
breach identified
rogue confirmed
purge initiated
corruption contained
rediage(?) consumed
protocols reinstated

Legendary data pads:

Mysterious content

Hidden panel

  • On the level The Package, there is a keypad entry panel just outside the bounds of the level after you find the tank. Proceed around the left side of the rocks into the water. Unlike decorative geometry, this panel does prompt to press X to activate. (source, haloreachplanet.com [1] )
    What does it activate?

Radio chatter

  • On the level Overlook, as discovered in the beta version, on the radio can be overheard a communications exchange between "Blue Delta" and "Dragon X-Ray". (listen:[2])

Transcription (ordered):

  • Blue Delta, this is Dragon X-Ray, we are on the ground and three nights out from the objective, over.
    Dragon X-Ray, be advised that you are the only UNSC ground asset in that grid.
  • Say again, Blue Delta. We've got movement due east. That should be Strike Red, over.
    That's a negative, Dragon X-Ray. I say again, be advised that you are the only UNSC asset in that area.
  • Roger, Blue Delta. We're picking that movement again due east. You got something to soften it up?
    You got a location, Dragon X-Ray?
  • Grid as follows. Whisky-Delta-15741712, over.
    I copy. Whisky-Delta-15741712
  • That is correct. Request immediate support from any assets on station, over.
    Dragon X-Ray, it looks like all I've got available at this time is the UNSC Aegis Fate.
  • Blue Delta, is the Aegis Fate wet navy?
    Negative, Dragon. She's currently listed as a XO asset - a frigate.
  • Well we are less than a click from the target area, Blue Delta. We aint that desperate for help.
    Understood, Dragon X-Ray, give them hell out there and good luck.
  • Aegis Fate is the frigate that floats over the Halo 3 map Sandtrap.


  • On the first mission, Winter Contingency, scattered around the human structures can be found round shotcode-like QR- or bar-codes. Examples below.
  • There are 3 variant codes, but each appear numerous times at differing rotations.
    What do they mean?

Posters and decals

  • Also scattered around the walls of Winter Contingency are large posters and round letter/dot decals. They may not serve a practical purpose, but they are documented here just in case.
Reach Decals1.jpg
Reach Posters1.jpg Reach Posters2.jpg Reach Posters3.jpg Reach Posters4.jpg Reach Posters5.jpg

Siege of Madrigal

  • Every Halo title from Bungie has a location where the tune Siege of Madrigal can be heard in the distance. Halo: Reach taks it to a new level. The easter egg can be found on the level New Alexandria. (source: HaloReachPlanet.com [3])

Other content

  • In the lower left of the HUD, there is a string of binary:
    • 01000100011000010111011001100101
  • This converted to decimal spells "Dave"

Reach barcode.jpg

Adjutant Reflex?
  • At one point I noticed a fan grate that bore an eerily striking resemblance to the Chrysopteron, the glyph representing the Forerunner AI Adjutant Reflex.


2D Crate barcode
  • On a closeup of the roundish tanks is a barcode with numbers barely visible.

Reach cratecode.jpg

20 279403050530

Fun stuff

  • In one level a fast food kiosk has menus on display:
Reach fastfood1.jpg Reach fastfood2.jpg
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