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Bounce Path Control

General Content

On June 20, its first appearance, the transmission log directed to this temporary location

  • Visitors were prompted to enter a verification code. The first 100 people to enter this code were presented with another page displaying:
Bounce Path Control
The Past (link to an mp3 narrative)
The Key
(23 digit unique key code)
The Path ->
Treat this knowledge with care

followed by:

Key Received
(#) more keys are required before this server's content is available.
For your participation in unlocking this Forerunner database you will be rewarded. More information will be sent to you soon.

Leading to Server 01

June 20

  • The MP3 narrative (listen) is most likely an AI, saying:
This is how it all begins
Just in time to once again dance on the knife edge of oblivion
To relive what the Halos had hoped to destroy and more
For two enemies now stand where before there was only one
The fate we escaped, and a fate we may relive
I had almost convinced myself that no one was listening
That the waves of the past would roll through once again
But a chance remains to change the Universe anew
Learn of our past
Take these keys and dip from the wells of history
Perhaps through others of us you may find how to save us all

Leading to Server 02

July 10

  • The MP3 narrative (listen) is most likely an AI, saying:
Failure is for those who don't know the sound of darkness
Those so blinded that they lose all diverging paths
And make no mistake, progress can blind you
Just like now the pieces seem to be coming together-
Bit by bit, slice by surgical slice
Then, all of a sudden, endless calm
There is a lack of... a failure in judgement
You must understand- not all life deserves a chance
Even that artifice passing as my own
Now there is a lesson to spend millennia lingering upon
Waiting for a redemptive hand to turn the keys
Leading to the symbiotic relationship which benefits both our futures
I will guide your movements and you will lead me toward atonement

Leading to Server 03

July 26

  • The MP3 narrative says:
The left hand holds darkness, the right hand holds light.
That is how the universe creates, and that is how we proceeded.
A soldier who would one day destroy his brother.
We were the thunder and the lightning, and when we were finished, the universe was alone, drifting in labor.
Did we succeed? Did we fail? we did both. Depending on who you serve.
After all, here we are, a witness to the aftermath
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