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Contents (TheArtifactLocation.com)

August 9, 2007
Initial page content
  • Glyph ArtifactLoc.jpg
    The site consists of numerous stars that slowly disappear the longer the page remains open. In the center is a password entry box. Faintly visible in the background is another glyph (see right).
  • The stars are randomly generated every time the page is loaded, and holds no meaning in and of itself.

  • Following the same lead from Server 04 content, the image unknown.jpg was determined to be an astronomical photograph of the Boomerang Nebula
  • Assuming this is the 'location of the artifact', if one enters boomerang as the password, the page content updates.
After entering boomerang
  • Listed are 3 cities:
    New York
    Los Angeles
  • Beside the cities are randomizes characters, which cycle endlessly.
August 13
  • The numbers 081607 (16th August, 2007) appear between the city names and random characters.
After entering boomerang since 13 august
  • Later in the day, military times respective to each of the cities listed were added, which are theorized for the opening of Server 05.
    New York: 23:59
    Seattle: 21:00
    Los Angeles: 21:00
    (these times are assumed to be local times)
Military Times for each of the cities
August 16
  • After the time which was specified had passed (midnight EDT, 9pm PDT), numbers that appeared to be GPS coordinates replaced the random characters.
  • The first set of coordinates led to a location in New York
40.75908, -73.98619
Picture 3.png
  • The second set of coordinates led to a building within Seattle
47.61440, -12232059
Picture 2.png
  • The third set of coordinates led to an intersection in Westwood, CA (northwest of Sacramento).
40.30609, -121.00434
Picture 4.png
  • Shortly after the locations were determined, the coordinates listed by Los Angeles were corrected to:
34.05099, -118.43814 (Westwood Blvd, LA)
  • After Server 05 had been fully unlocked, the coordinates listed by New York were also corrected, to:
40.75006, -73.99785 (more than 16 blocks away)
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