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Halo 3 Terminal 1


Level: "The Ark"
When first walking into the forerunner building, on the left you will see two doors - enter through into a small room with the terminal against the inside wall.

Log Text - Normal

Page 1/3

Observed extensive ground action on [LP 656-38 e]. 9,045 survivors barricaded within central government building. Structure’s defenses inadequate to withstand extended siege by enemy ground forces (≈ 1,572,034,315+). Estimate position overrun in [173 hours].

846 smaller groups in less defensible structures: global distribution corresponding to [probability model zeta]. Estimated local position overrun in [9 hours] (average).

Page 2/3

Observed local naval forces engage enemy irregular naval group near [DM -3-1123]. Enemy group consisted of 149 commercial shipping vessels, passenger ferries, and private recreational vessels from neighboring system. Enemy losses were total. No damage was sustained by local naval vessels.

However, it was immediately apparent that enemy group only to enter [DM-3-1123 b’s] atmosphere and make landfall. In this they were partially successful.

Page 3/3

Observed extensive ground action on [DM-3-1123 b]. Enemy forces lacked basic unit cohesion but quickly gained numerical superiority. [32 hours] after enemy landfall 83% of local naval forces advocated total [destruction of the biosphere] following the evacuation of unmolested population centers. Enemy losses were total.


X.X1> ERR.REGRESS 43234. 54354:12042
X.X1> ERR.REGRESS 43234. 54354:12042
X.X1> ERR.REGRESS 43232. 54354:10042
X.X1> ERR.REGRESS 43222. 54354:00042
X.X1> ERR.REGRESS 43122. 54352:00042
X.X1> ERR.REGRESS 40122. 54302:00042
X.X1> ERR.REGRESS 30122. 54102:00042
ERR.REGRESS 43234. 52102:00042
X.X1> ERR.REGRESS 43234. 52102:00042
X.X1> ERR.REGRESS 43232. 52102:00042
X.X1> ERR.REGRESS 43222. 52102:00042
X.X1> ERR.REGRESS 43122. 52102:00042
X.X1> ERR.REGRESS 40122. 52102:00042
X.X1> ERR.REGRESS 30122. 52102:00042
R.REGRESS 30122.32102:00042
X.X1> pos/nav source: X.XX.713
X.X1> prpc.regress: [unident]
X.X1> [WARNING] rogue process ghost.713/non-auth
X.X1> [WARNING] \sysdiag\purgation
X.X1> ghost.713/non-auth/activity ongoing
St.713/non-auth/activity ongoing
X.XX.713> POS/NAV>@..53454.64562.12740><1……<

Page 1/4


L: Categorization has sped since the improvements were announced, but there are many hurdles. The indexing of sentient species may have irreversible effects on the surviving insentient species. We will have extinction events and irreparable environmental harm on at least 18 worlds. Current projections estimate post-archival cataclysm on as many as 31 worlds. The paucity of sentience has been a blessing in this regard.

Page 2/4

D: How formal you are, Librarian. We’re receiving shipments of indexed beings more frequently than communications: Don’t compound scarcity with brevity.

I know things beyond the line are harried. But I worry about, you. I’ve asked you time and time again. Abandon your cataloguing. Come back inside, where my fleets can keep you safe.

Come home.

Page 3/4

L: Would that it were my choice I have committed to this course because it’s the right thing to do. We no longer have the manpower or materiel to excise remedial measures at a planetary level. I certainly can’t justify using the [transit measure] to save my own skin when there are still so many innocents to protect and index.

Page 4/4

D: You know I oppose your mission but you’re exceeding its parameters anyway. You’ve put yourself in jeopardy. You’ve done enough.

If you will not come to me, I will find my way to you.

L: We have no time to spare. Didact. Every vessel we can fill, we send to the Ark. I dare not cease the mission. Not now, not until I’ve done all I can. Each one of these souls is finite and precious.

And I’m close.

Close to saving them all.


Log Text - Legendary

Page 1/5

[29,478 hours] have passed since I left the [Maginot] sphere and entered contested space.

The enemy is everywhere.

Despite this the morale of my charges remains high. They wake, clean themselves, fuel their bodies, communicate with one another, eliminate waste, train to destroy the enemy, and return to sleep. The sacrifices they have chosen to make on behalf of their [brethren] fills me with pride.

Page 2/5

If only I could save them all – but they know, perhaps even better than I, that that is not possible.

[37 seconds] ago I moved beyond my ability to observe the events taking place on [CE-10-2165-d].

The importance of my mission forbade me from rendering any aid, but no less important was the need for me to study the enemy’s capabilities in real world situations.

Page 3/5

[2 hours] ago 12,423 small recreational vessels appeared inside [CE-10-2156-d’s] orbital perimeter. Hidden within that vast swarm were seven massive freight carriers. The smaller craft were employed as [ablative armor], allowing the carriers to descend through the atmosphere: landing on top of major population center.

Despite the fact that the naval garrison was aware of the likelihood of just such an attack, their ability to effectively defend against it proved insufficient.

Page 4/5

This has always been the enemy’s [modus operandi]: [flood] your opponent’s ability to process information with so much noise that no meaningful resistance can be put into action.

[3 minutes] ago those same population centers began disappearing under brilliant flashes. This was not an ill conceived, poorly implemented counter attack; it was a deliberate denial of resources – those resources being the remainder of [CE-10-2165-d’s] population.

Page 5/5

Is this the noble sacrifice my creators spoke of? Where is the nobility in these streets paved with greasy carbon and dun ash? [My mouth is speaking at another’s behest] – that is not my voice; that is the other.

Its voice stands out as the single calm note in the panicked cacophony outside the sphere. It alone is not decrying its fate or raging against the [central government].

This anomaly bears closer explanation.

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