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Digital Swag / Downloadables

  • Links to various free downloadables, Halo 3 related, possibly Iris related, but not essential to the furthering of the Iris campaign.

To be populated...

Mailed packages

Server 01
  • Date:


Server 02
  • Date:


Web downloads Downloads
  • Date: (Date info submitted: Aug. 3, at 3:43 A.M. EDT)

The downloads page on included three different ringtones, both in "real" music and in MIDI form, a few backgrounds for your computer, and MSN/Windows Live Messenger Icons with IRIS images in them. (Feel free to edit anything I may have missed as it is 3:43 AM.)

Iris Fan Kit
  • Date:

The Iris Fan Kit download pack included:

  • A .txt file with HTML code for a server status box on your personal webpage. HERE
  • A .exe file with a desktop monitor for the servers.
  • A .gif files, one with the Cheripseron(probably spelled wrong)HERE
  • A .gif to use as a forum signature.HERE
  • A .jpg file with the same signal that says "this is how it all begins"HERE
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