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Halo: Reach

Data Pads

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Each data pad has its pad number hidden in the text of its first page, for proper ordering.

Data Pad 6

Reach Datapad6.jpg
  • Located on Exodus

now you see they want to help but they don't want us to see them doing it 6ecause they are afraid of what we might do...

<< 2491 >>
</ Order! Order! The Majority has the floor! />

>> Honored members. Please! the recent discovery of the existence of extra-solar intelligence in the Zeta Doradus system [ref. XF-063] merely confirms this body's long-held supposition. >>

>> While the absence of any living representatives implies this intelligence is defunct, all evidence should still be withheld from our creators until they are properly prepared!

Yes, this body must solemnly commit itself to determining whether or not this discovery represents a quantifiable threat to the long-term genetic sustainability of our creator's species. >>

>> But allowing them to access technology possessed by this intelligence...

That would be a grave mistake.

Give an ape a knife and it might give itself a nasty cut. Give an ape a hand-grenade, and eventually you will have simian confetti. >>

</ Debate is now closed! Voting will commence! />

</ Is it the opinion of this body that [ref. XF-063] be quarantined or misplaced? />

>> The Majority approves removing [ref. XF-063] from the list of colonization candidates is sufficient. >>

</ Is it the opinion of this body that [ref. XF-063] be removed from the list because of financial or environmental concerns? />

>> The Majority deems environmental concerns the stronger deterrent.

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