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Halo: Reach

Data Pads

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Each data pad has its pad number hidden in the text of its first page, for proper ordering.

Data Pad 15

  • Located on Exodus, LEGENDARY

i tr1ed talking to them today but they wouldn't an5wer even though i hear them on the bnet and i can hear them listening but they still don't talk to me...

<< 2531 >>

[Minutes, emergency session, Committee of Minds for Security]

[^] An item of interest appropriated from the Covenant battle net @ 2531:02:25:16:44:24-ZT seems to indicate the existence of a third participant – a localized variable. [^]

[^] As this variable is a source of seemingly irrational terror for our adversaries, the Minority has suggested we may be able to form a mutually beneficial association – if not an outright union – with the species this variable represents. [^]

[^] As always, this body must be cautious of any application of Bayesian principles to such high risk calculations. Any localized variable capable of effecting widespread panic in the Covenant should be a cause for our own concern – which is to say, the Covenant's response should not be viewed as disproportionate.

Therefore this Committee recommends we factor-in this new variable delicately, if at all. [^]

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