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Halo: Reach

Data Pads

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Each data pad has its pad number hidden in the text of its first page, for proper ordering.

Data Pad 13

  • Located on Tip of the Spear, LEGENDARY

they say that they want to help but they only say it to themse1v3s don’t we have a say in our salvation?

<< 2528 >>

[Minutes, working session, Assembly Minority]

<< As must be expected with any calculations, a number of non-trivial sacrifices will be needed in order to furnish the Assembly with the time required to determine the correct pattern – and then act upon it. Furthermore, once a site has been designated, its status must be obscured such that no individual, outside of this body, is fully aware that is has been designated. <<

<< Primary criteria for choosing sites are as follows: remoteness, low population density, infrequency of communication.

No designated site must be allowed to evacuate greater than ten percent of total population within two weeks of activation for any reason. <<

<2534:01:01-ZT>> AMD: evacuations precipitated by environmental and/or industrial disasters shall be allowed to proceed as normal. >>

<2542:01:01-ZT>> AMD: some percentage of total population of chosen site may be relocated to designated green zones one Solar year prior to activation to lessen overall impact on genetic sustainability of species. >>

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