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Adjutant Reflex

AR's 2nd avatar
AR's 3rd avatar, after being replaced by the new entity

AdjutantReflex (AR) is an entity that has been posting cryptic messages on the forums since Monday, June 11th. Recently, Adjutant appears to have been destroyed by an unknown entity.

"Adjutant" :
  • Military. a staff officer who assists the commanding officer in issuing orders.
  • British Military. an executive officer.
  • an assistant.
"Reflex" :
  • noting or pertaining to an involuntary response to a stimulus, the nerve impulse from a receptor being transmitted inward to a nerve center that in turn transmits it outward to an effector.
  • occurring in reaction; responsive
  • any automatic, unthinking, often habitual behavior or response

It also should be noted that AR joined a user group on known as "The Brute Ghostbusters"

AR was taken over by an unknown entity which continued to post a number of times in its place. The new entity is commonly known as NAR (New Adjutant Reflex), and appears to be the entity behind the revelation of the 5 servers. NAR also has appeared with the initials: MB and the number 05032. MB was revealed in Halo 3 to stand for Mendicant Bias.

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