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Laura Niven


  • New anchor of Xbox Canada's new Xbox News XBL video series
  • Laura Niven is similar in name to Larry Niven, author of the Ringworld novels, to which the Halo ring theme is connected.
  • Join the discussion at Xbox forums


This series of events is most likely not an ARG, but another campaign for the Xbox Canada community leading up to Halo Reach launch events in Vancouver and Toronto, as revealed at

Episode 1

  • Episode 1, uploaded to youtube on August 16th, 2010, shows a very sub-standard production, with reported news unrelated to Xbox. Suspicious!

Episode 2

  • Episode 2, shared to youtube on the 17th has a footer marquee containing some very blatant references to the Halo franchise.
  • The marquee text reads:
0914210-^=1200-34*3 the Covenant is coming...attacks are imminent. A-271214.378.20104**_0 Gamers make great soldiers? Study suggests hand-eye coordination, problem solving required in game play, could help develop better soldiers. 0.10.2012:^.419.0*-+:> @UNSC_INTEL
Marquee analysis
  • 0914210 -- September 14, 2010
  • 1200 -- Noon?
  • 34*3 -- "343"? 102?


  • Considered at this point to be a hoax - the Twitter user @LauraNiven appeared and got a lot of attention, but was quickly denounced as being related to Xbox News, and most likely someone playing a prank and playing off the attention of the video series.

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