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Laura Niven

  • Xbox Canada's Xbox News anchor.
  • Appeared in XboxCa users' dashboards in a new News video series.
  • Laura Niven is similar in name to Larry Niven, author of the Ringworld novels, to which the Halo ring theme is connected.

Episode 1

  • Episode 1, uploaded to youtube on August 16th, 2010, shows a very sub-standard production, with reported news unrelated to Xbox. Suspicious!

Episode 2

  • Episode 2 has a footer marquee containing some very blatant references to the Halo franchise.
  • The marquee text reads:
0914210-^=1200-34*3 the Covenant is coming...attacks are imminent. A-271214.378.20104**_0 Gamers make great soldiers? Study suggests hand-eye coordination, problem solving required in game play, could help develop better soldiers. 0.10.2012:^.419.0*-+:> @UNSC_INTEL


  • Considered at this point to be a hoax - the Twitter user @LauraNiven appeared and got a lot of attention, but was quickly denounced as being related to Xbox News, and most likely someone playing a prank and playing off the attention of the video series.

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