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Welcome to the Halo franchise ARG community Wiki

(latest news listed at the bottom of this page)

Halo 3: ODST story elements and ARGish components

This section is a work in progress. Feel free to edit and contribute information!

ODST - main campaign hub

Sadie's Story - the story within the game

We Are ODST - live actions shorts


Believe Campaign (Halo 3)
Live action Shorts from Neil Blomkamp (Halo 3)
Misc Halo 2/3-related story arcs and events
MercurySS.net -- The Smuggler -- The Superintendent
I Love Bees (Halo 2)

Main website: http://www.ilovebees.com

Dana's blog: http://ilovebees.blogspot.com

Reference sites

Cortana Letters (Halo)

Primary outline: http://marathon.bungie.org/story/cortana.html

Reference sites

Latest News


  • Updating the Wiki to re-organize and make room for more ODST experiential documentation

(-- Read more in the outline --)

To Do

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