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Welcome to the Iris (Halo 3 ARG) Wiki


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Read the single page overview of Iris

From Beginning to End(?), a quick reading of the events that passed in the 2 month campaign

Outline: The story's timeline of events

It all began with AdjutantReflex, a form of A.I., posting cryptic messages in a forum...

Of Interest: The hive mind at work

What are people's interpretations of the discoveries and events taking place? Puzzles, research, reference...

Web Reference: Resources, Websites, Communities

Trying to separate the signal from the noise... where's the best place to get involved?

Characters: Who? What?

Get to know them... they'll become your life

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out the most commonly asked questions, and get a foothold into what this is all about
Thanks to Silent_Shadow900 and FauxHammer for supplying the FAQ and initial summary

Under construction:

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Server 1
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Server 2
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Server 3
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Server 4
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Server 5

Latest News

(below is a quick recent summary - detail can be found at Outline)

(Aug 23)

An official article was discovered by writer87, confirming the completion (effectively) of Iris mid-August. Suffice to say:

"The viral campaign concluded in mid-August but the plot thread will extend into Halo 3."
(Aug 20)

A leaked article was posted to the unfiction forums from Microsoft's internal news site, seeming to indicate that the Iris campaign for Halo 3 had ended, among other details. Debates continue as to its authenticity, and whether Iris will in fact continue through to September 26th, or whether the new AR's meaning of "tomorrow" was actually symbolic and conclusive, meaning an indefinite amount of time.

(Aug 16)
  • Just after 9pm PDT, according to the times listed on the artifact location page, GPS coordinates appeared beside each city. People in the area then headed to the locations to find something.
  • An hour later, the Los Angeles coordinates were 'corrected'.
  • At 10:11 PDT, eccramer of UF discovered a projector playing a video on the wall at the Seattle location. Within this video was a web address to the Server 5 Bounce Path Control page. He reported it to Gigawatts of UF on IRC, and all 100 keys were then claimed within minutes.
  • By 10:23pm PDT, 100 keys had been entered and Server 05 was unlocked (though once again, not without technical difficulty).
  • At 10:30pm PDT, the New York coordinates were also 'corrected'.
  • The time it took from discovering the Bounce Path Control page (first key entered) to the 100 keys being entered took about 20 minutes - however, the first 5 keys spanned 19 minutes, at which point the BPC page link was posted, and within under 2 minutes, the rest had been claimed.
  • Everything about Server 05 was then actively pored over by the community.

(-- Read more in the outline --)

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