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* '''AKQA's Iris Overview: http://awards.sf.akqa.com/creative/2007/halo3/iris/shell.html'''
* '''AKQA's Iris Overview: http://awards.sf.akqa.com/creative/2007/halo3/iris/shell.html'''
* '''Joel's Iris info page: http://joelakaplan.com/View-iris-video.htm'''
* '''Joel's Iris info page: http://joelakaplan.com/#3026714833289704866'''

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AKQA's Award Submission Iris Overview

Found via Joel Kaplan's website (Copyrighter @ AKQA) - a video overview of the Iris campaign, and a link to a hefty interactive Flash site by AKQA outlining their Iris campaign production from beginning to end.

While the campaign site offers a detailed overview the events of the Iris campaign itself, it doesn't focus on explaining the various elements of the Iris story/plot that took place in today's timeline (eg SOTA, FCC, Sanatos, Volman, Boomerang Nebula, etc).

It seems the overview was created for promo/submission purposes. Their Halo 3 Believe flash site was submitted to the Flash Website Awards (FWA) People's Choice Awards 2007 for flash website of the year.

The PCA awards winners will be announced Jan 15, 2008.

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