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What if the "keepers of the flame" means the sun. If you go to Desolation and look up at the sun, it look like the Planets are aligning. Check it out. Quote from CNN "Some prophets of doom expect the worst: cataclysmic floods, earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions triggered by gravitational forces from Earth's neighbors."


Link explains that Next similar alignment: 2438.

For the myspace thing at the bottom, I saved the pic that he had which was black. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that there were characters, though hard to see, in the pic. I will upload to Photobucket in a minute so someone else can save it and try messing with the colors to get a result. I would normally, but my paint shop was a trial, so I can't use the features except zoom and drag.

EDIT:Uploaded and attempting to put on page.

EDIT 2: Ok, so I can't upload, but I have a link for the pic for someone to save.

Just found the phone number on WIRED as indicated in my edit. I don't have a ability/time to figure out the additional audio... but I'm guessing someone here has the resources to figure it out! There is also an IP address:, which is a Society of the Ancients page... There are additional numbers that have no apparent significance on the WIRED cover as well: the number 2552 is overlayed on the Master Chief's hip, 343.00 appears near one of the MC's wrists, 117 near the other wrist, the numbers 001, 012, 034, and 053 appear near one knee, and the number 2401 near the other, 07 near a shoulder along with the text "Installation 05"... Don't know if ANY of that means ANYTHING, but... -20:30, 20 August 2007 (MST)

please don't post the same message in numerous places all over the wiki - one or two places is sufficient. The phone number is the phone number that was used for the FCC, now out of commission. 001-012-034-053 are speculated to be the gps coordinates of the caldera in Africa where the Ark lays, by Voi. Each of the numbers have various significance in the HALO world, not just Iris, but they are all accounted for. --thebruce 21:30, 20 August 2007 (MST)
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