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Repeat of characters

I just found out that when you hit the enter/return button, the characters will repeat, and then the scrolling text of New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles will roll over top of the names of the cities all ready there, and begin to crisscross with the cycling characters, making the characters harder too see.

Also, spending enough time on the website and you'll notice that the stars in the background are disappearing.

maybe pretty obvious but the fact that the stars are disappearing could signify the planets being "glassed" and wiped out? such as in the books, its as if the covenant are going round glassing all the planets until they find one which has certain artifacts suh as the shard in the book first strike? now i may be missing something here but do we know of any of ther things like that in halo and if so try the location in the box? and just to add, it would be cool if anyone wants to add me on myspace or msn or something so discuss on there.

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