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This is the file with the paths that were included revealed (these were their exact positions).
This is the file with the paths that were included resized and moved to match with the shapes in the image. Though they had to be rotated and transformed slightly, they match up exactly with the shapes in the image (on the right hand side two of them made up one shape).
  • Discovered in Server 01 on June 20.
  • Included in the photo (when opened in Photoshop) are four paths that line up with specific shapes in the image. The origin and purpose of these is unknown. It is theorized that their purpose may be revealed, but it is also possible that they are just there.
  • Note: There is additional info in the image (meta/exit/photoshop data) - see discussion for why this is irrelevant
  • DR54 may be a reference to a biocontrol strain/inoculant, Pseudomonas fluorescens DR54

NOTE: Flood Containment Control

  • June 6th, ads were discovered online for a company called Flood Containment Control, including an image depicting the 'closed' glyph.

Slide Ref070107.jpg

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