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Distribution Theory

Theory: AdjudantReflex (AR) is not a single entity, but a wide distribution machines. It may be the collective reasoning of the Monitors from each Halo installation, acting as a single voice.

Support for the Theory

AR posted this line in reaction to a user's comment about "Hitting the Galactic Reset Button.":

  • Show caution here. Semantics may leave room for misinterpretation. That event has already transpired. Threats to array integrity will be taken seriously.<<need ref>>

It would seem that AR is in charge of, or at least connected to, an array -- the Halo rings. His post references to the possible firing of the Halos previously.

AR has said:

  • I can retain integrity for at least 22 hours. Rerouting bandwidth to deflect assault.<<need ref>>

Rerouting bandwidth is impossible for a single machine. Bandwidth is the amount of data that can be passed through a connection. Multiple machines means that incoming connections can be routed within the system of machines so that each machine shares part of the workload.

The name Compound Intelligence suggests a group of constructs.

AR seems to be under attack (Note: now he is destroyed), perhaps DDOS like. If the number of attackers is increasing, and therefore, using up more bandwidth, it may cause the continuing reduction of integrity that he often states.<<need ref>> More attackers imply the DDOS is via a botnet, or a viral infection, where the machine is taken over to perform the DOS attack.


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